ViliusWe specialize in Lithuanian family history.  And we are here for one purpose, and that is to serve you.  Personal service is what sets Vilius and The Information Bureau apart.

Are you interested in finding the birth or marriage or death records for your Lithuanian ancestors? This is what we do. 

Would you like us to find your relatives presently living in Lithuania?  That is part of range of services as well.

Would you like to come to Lithuania for a Family History Tour?   Do you want to see where your ancestors lived?  Tour the villages and farmsteads where they walked and worked? We take pride in our ability to provide you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our strength is our ability to communicate with our English-speaking clientele.  Vilius has years of experience in interacting with with English-speakers.  He has a great understanding of the nuances of language and culture.

In addition, we are known for the care with which we do our work.  Whether it is finding records in the National Archives or searching for relatives through the many other channels available, we achieve success by giving great attention to details.  And we know the importance of giving first priority to our client's wishes.  Great results for you is the best result for us.

The unique language of wonderful Lithuania and its different culture presents a challenge to many people, but it will not be a challenge for you. You will have Vilius of The Information Bureau working for you.  We make every effort to stay in touch with our clients, to explain what we are doing, and to facilitate the details of our clients' requests.

Our Family History work is the product of many years of experience.  Our understanding of where records exist, how they are accessed, and what to do when there are no official records comes from many years of finding the best way to do genealogy efficiently.

We want to help English-speaking Lithuanians reconnect with their roots here.  In truth, we love genealogy.  We are proud of Lithuania and its history of courage and perseverance.  It is very satisfying when we connect Lithuanian descendants to their roots here.

We often arrange for housing for people coming to Lithuania for Family History Tours.  This part of our service is frequently helpful for visitors who come for other reasons. If you are planning a trip to Lithuania, we invite you to consider our Short Term Rental Service.  It is perfect for those who need an apartment for a day or two or a few weeks or months.  We will find you a suitable array of rental options and provide whatever assistance you need in making your choice of a comfortable and convenient apartment. We will then take care of the details.


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