The Five Top Reasons to rent an apartment in Vilnius rather than stay in a hotel:

  1. It is less expensive.
  2. You will be more comfortable.
  3. You will have more space for guests and more space to work.
  4. You will have more privacy.
  5. You can fix your own meals. Or you can go to a nearby restaurant. You can do what you find most convenient on any particular day and at any particular time.

We think you will find our apartment rentals to be extremely attractive and an extraordinary value. Whether you are staying a day or two or a few months, one of our short term rentals will give you all of the comforts of home.

We specialize in Old Town rentals. Old Town is the utterly delightful historical section of Vilnius. You can step out of your apartment building and be in the midst of Vilnius' most interesting historical and cultural sites and within walking distance of a wide variety of restaurants and shops. It is not often that one passes multiple 17th Century churches on an ordinary walk to the Post Office or the grocery. Old Town is a wonderful way to experience the life of the city, and we highly recommend it, especially for first time visitors.

Or you may prefer to be a short walk away from the main areas of the city. We can arrange rentals there as well. In fact, we service all areas of the city that are of interest to those who are visiting.

For rentals of a few days or a week, we can find the right place for you through emails and photos.

For longer stays, we will discuss your apartment needs and preferences with you. We will then select a group of apartments for you to walk-through when you arrive. Because we have so many choices available, most of our clients very quickly find the apartment they want.

Our apartments are nicely furnished and we can insure that you have adequate dishes, linens, utensils and the like. Many already have internet hook-ups or these can be easily arranged for longer stays.

Vilius found us a modern spacious apartment in a great location.- - Karyn K., Law Professor

Our experience with visitors and guests gives us a pretty good idea of what people like you are looking for in a short-term rental. Our number one objective is to insure that you are comfortable and well-settled. We know that your primary goal is to enjoy the city and go about the vacation or work activities that bring you to Vilnius and Lithuania.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about locations, costs, furnishings and the like.

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