About Us:

The Information Bureau has been an important link between Lithuania and the rest of the world since 1991, shortly after Lithuania's Independence. We have been successful because we have consistently provided high quality personal service to our clients. We are a service business, and we try to do that very, very well.

There are several things that set The Information Bureau apart. Our command of the English language is exceptional. We are able to communicate very fine points of detail on behalf of our clients. There is no doubt where this skill comes from. Vilius Vaseikis is a former newspaper reporter, and he is a six-time European Champion Ham Radio operator. These activities have given him a great facility with English and a wide range of experience with both local and international social customs.

These skills will be used to meet your needs, and the difference in our level of service will be immediately apparent.

Vilius has an amazing capacity for understanding his clients and their needs. He is exceptional. - - Donald T., Denver, CO.

The Information Bureau is widely respected as a "facilitator" in personal transactions. We have done hundreds of family history searches.  And we have interacted with hundreds of living Lithuanians on behalf of clients seeking to learn more about their Lithuanian heritage.  We take pride in high level of satisfaction expressed by our clients.

We have arranged for some very large family reunions.  These have been joyful celebrations, with both laughter and tears.

And we have arranged for meals in small, intimate settings where new relationships among Lithuanian relatives were formed.

Our Archives records searches have reunited relatives who were "long lost" in the literal sense of that phrase.  Our family history work covers every phase of bringing people of Lithuanian descent back in touch with their homeland.

Our family history work has naturally led to other engagements on behalf of clients.  When a US couple wanted to begin a charitable program to provide Lithuanian language books to school libraries in their area of origin, Vilius Vaseikis and The Information Bureau facilitated the arrangements between the donors, the schools, Lithuanian publishers, and local officials. The project has been a great success.

As yet another example of the well-deserved respect for The Information Bureau, Vilius Vaseikis is recommended by the Fulbright program to provide assistance to Fulbright Fellows and Fulbright Scholars who are looking for short term rentals in Vilnius and Lithuania. 

He provides a similar service for those who come to attend the Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University.

This reputation for fine service, clear communication, and attention to personal preferences is available to you. Please contact us so that we can find out how we can be helpful to you.

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