Our philosophy about relocations is very simple: we can relieve you of a great many worries and cares during your relocation, and we will singularly devote our efforts to making your transition to Vilnius smooth and short.

A personal or family relocation is a major undertaking. It requires that a large number of life-affecting decisions be made in a very short period of time. An international relocation is especially challenging. Differences in language, culture, and attitudes of public administrators make a relocation very daunting when you are working on your own.

What we offer is

  • excellent knowledge of Vilnius and local customs
  • a long-term working relationship with Vilnius institutions
  • a superb command of English and Lithuanian
  • thorough familiarity with housing and school options in Vilnius
  • sound advice about the myriad of choices available for banking, telephone and internet service, transportation, and all public services
  • most importantly, an unwavering dedication to insuring that your transition to Vilnius and Lithuania is uncomplicated and efficient.

We have helped many people relocate to Vilnius. These include business people and their families, single people, Fulbright scholars, professionals coming for long term assignments, officials of foreign governments, international teachers and researchers, and others coming for long term personal or family visits. We enjoy the many associations we have developed in working with our wonderfully interesting clientele.

Your needs are special and in many respects unique. We are ready to listen and to provide swift and effective responses. Your comfort and peace of mind are our utmost goals. We will work very hard to get you settled and moving forward with you life in Vilnius.

As explained in our Frequently Asked Questions, we offer a wide range of services and will work very closely with you to select the relocation package that is most suitable to your needs and your preferences.

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