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  • Most of your neighbors will be friendly.
  • Walking is a favorite activity in Old Town and the City Centre.  Not only is walking easy, it is also interesting. Magnificent old buildings and churches provide a beautiful backdrop for a friendly casual conversation.
  • Water is an important part of the Lithuanian landscape, from rivers that provide the reason-for-being for most major cities to the sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous Baltic Coast. Klaipeda is the departure point for exploring the coast.
  • Cathedral Square in Vilnius is the crossroads of many different activities during the day.  Here young musicians and a sister of the Sisters of Mercy make their way to pressing engagements.
  • An interior view of a comfortable Vilnius apartment.  Modern cabinets and fixtures are the norm in new and renovated apartments.
  • There are many interesting views from apartments in Vilnius, especially in Old Town.  Some are long views like this. Others are of nearby rooftops. Steeples figure prominently. And there are street scenes and views of interesting buildings.
  • An attractive rooftop view, with interesting hints of the very old and the new. Red tile roofs predominate in central Vilnius.
  • The ample window area found in many apartments lends a welcome air of spaciousness.  Typical furnishings are simple, attractive, and appropriate for the space that is available. Modern Lithuanian interior decorating has a distinct European feel.
  • All of the apartments we handle have undergone extensive renovation. The tall ceilings, ample windows, and architectural features have been preserved.  Modern kitchens, baths, bedrooms, living rooms, and lighting are the norm.
  • This is an example of a modern bathroom with a tub-shower combination.  Lithuanian soaking tubs are a special pleasure and are readily available.  To the right in this photo but out of view is the sink, dressing area, and a clothes washer.
  • We have helped English-speaking clients from all over the world.  We are pleased with the reputation we have developed.  We try very hard to insure that our clients are happy with their visit to Lithuania.  We think that it is a very special place.
  • Our clients are pleasantly surprised at the wide array of restaurants in Vilnius, and the very reasonable prices.  Food is hospitality for Lithuanians.  Great attention is given to presentation.  English language menus are common.
  • Internet service is widely available in Vilnius. In addition to the service available in many apartments, there are ample Internet cafes. We also recommend the American Center on the grounds of the US Embassy.  It is open to everyone.
  • Pilies Street attracts many aspiring musicians.  They add a casual, festive atmosphere to the area.
  • A morning view of Pilies Street in the heart of Old Town.  Pilies is known for its diverse restaurants, interesting shops, and, on occasion, throngs of people. It is a convenient link between Old Town, the National Cathedral and the City Centre.
  • A sunny day, easy walks, a relaxed atmosphere, and a wide range of amber and linen shops are good reasons for a cheerful outlook.
  • Colors and wooden shapes abound in the tourist street market on Pilies and Didzioji.  Lithuania is known for its skilled wood workers. The street market offers the works of several of them.
  • An interesting composition by a  talented photographer. Exactly who is taking the photo is unclear.
  • Gold crosses against a deep blue sky offer up a special visual treat in the midst of a vibrant cityscape.
  • A striking feature of the Eastern Orthodox churches in Vilnius is their vibrant use of colors. The visual experience is one that is new to many visitors from the West.  Although still very active places of worship, they are open to visitors.
  • The National Museum in Vilnius and the museum at the Trakai castle, just outside of Vilnius, offer wonderful opportunities for exploring the Medieval origins of the Lithuanian culture.
  • Stylish shops in Old Town and City Centre give a special edge to local fashion.  Some shops are the outlets, and sometimes the workspace, of local designers. Visiting these is a special treat.
  • Lithuania is known for its great basketball teams.  In addition to the National Team, there is a very talented professional league, with every major city represented.  Tickets are readily available during the regular season.
  • A park between Didzioji and Gaono Streets in the heart of Old Town provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the nearby shopping areas.  Here one can survey the tourist street market with detachment.
  • At night, the churches of central Vilnius take on a special charm in the glow of light from the adjacent streets. This is the famous steeple of St. Casimir's Church, a structure that is undergoing an extensive and quite successful renovation.


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